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Hi Folks,
Welcome to the mini page! After a hiatus of several weeks (or more! yikes) I’ll share a few notes and thoughts.

First off – facebook had me change from a friend type of thing to a fan page. All this because I had over 5000 friends. If I may impart my two cents worth – don’t go there. Not nearly the community that I had built in the three years on fb and a kinda one sided conversation. I’m keen on the fluid communication of the old set up. A bit more equal. Chatting with climbers from Mumbai – kinda fun. Anyhow… no sour grapes. Just made me realize how superficial and non essential fb is. Yeah I’m glad you had a nice weekend but do you really need to know what I had on the grill? What is it?

Too much information.

Here is Scott, training partner and ace ecologist at Frog Rock in Montana. The route, John Coltrane is a pun on the 125 wagon coal trains that trundle down our valley several times a day. Off to Seattle to power X Boxes and hairdryers. We get it back a bit later in the form of mercury in our lakes. Well – no big deal – fishing is about catch and release – not catch and feast. So what’s a little pollution? Quite a bit in my book. Subsidies to the extractos is business as usual. Subsidies to the wind and solar guys (China is growing their business with massive government subsidies) is government meddling.

Here is a snapshot of Daniel Woods crushing the final route at the Summer Trade show comp. Max Lowe took this picture. Max’s images are spot on. Daniel is one fierce boulderer. Dedicated he is.

On the harsh reality end of things, got news today that Kurt Albert, German rock and alpine climber passed away. He fell a distance of 18 metres. Kurt was a wonderful man, dedicated to the sport of climbing and will forever be remembered for “red point” ascents. Routes that were climbed free in the Frankenjura were given a red dot, hence the climbing parlance of a red point ascent. Rest in peace my friend.

This is Juan Martinez on the descent from the Grand Teton. This was his first climbing experience. He sent the peak and endured a blizzard on the descent. Juan is from South Central LA. You the man, Juan. I’m coming to visit you and your family.

This is the type of stuff that I like. A durable, analog Expedition watch from Timex. Easy to read dial (bi focals not needed), the date (so you don’t look like a slacker when writing a check at the supermarket – uh … What day is it?), the Indiglo night dial for checking time when drunk frat boys stumble down the alley and pound on my wife’s horse trailer at 2 AM (and covert ops – fully morse code compatible) and the type of classic style that is right there. Always there. Cool and timeless. Functional and timely.

OK . Bye for now.


This is the trailer for “The Wildest Dream”, the bio pic about the life of George Mallory.

It debuts on the 6th of August in cinema near you.


It is the 5th of August, a nice day that occurs once a year. It doesn’t have huge social, cultural or personal significance. Perhaps it is a day like every other day. And if I can have every other day like today I’d be most happy.

Morning arrived with sunrise and a short run in the local park. The dogs were well into it, bounding through the tall grass and cooling off in the creek on the way back. I’m now in my office, which I enjoy. For lunch I rode home to visit the boys and cook up some scrumptious grilled cheese sandwiches. A quick reminder for the boys to “get after” the recycling and then back to the desk.

In the past two weeks I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City. The bi-annual convention is like a massive toy store. I imagine this is what the North Pole must be like. All the elves scurrying about with the best in toys. From climbing gear (my fav), to boats (bright colors), to rocking Timex goodies (a reminder I should train more) to the collection of friends. This is the best. Catching up with the tribe.

My friend Doug hosted a dinner, a welcome respite from the trade parties. It was great. Apa Sherpa from Thame, Nepal bro ught his family up to the bar-b-que. Apa is a totally humble fellow. He has climbed Everest 19 times and is looking send # 20 this coming spring. He works at a machine shop in Salt Lake City – his three children attend school in SLC. He is a great guy.


Apa and Yangjee watching the kids play air hockey! The tow headed blond is Owen, Lynn Hill’s little guy. He liked air hockey.

Lynn Hill – one of our generation’s best climbers and the first person to free climb the Nose on El Capitan came by. Here the three of us are hamming it up for the camera. I felt quite unworthy as I am a far cry from Lynn when it comes to free climbing and a mere mouse when compared to Apa. Fun none-the-less!


After the trade show I headed north to the Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jimmy Chin, David Breashers and I guide a climb each summer for the Rowel Fund for Tibet, part of the International Campaign for Tibet. Our goal is to support Tibetan arts and culture in hope of preserving Tibetan culture. We had a splendid time. The day before our summit attempt we were treated to a nice mountain storm. Beginning at lunch the clouds descended upon us and pelted us with hail, snow, lightening and thunder. Nothing quite like mountain weather to make you feel alive.

sunrise grand

At sunrise one can see the shadow of the Grand Teton reaching out into Idaho. Are these not reasons enough to get outdoors?

Once back in Bozeman we rallied the kids for a day of hiking, climbing and huckleberry picking. Here are the kids laughing at the base of the Gallatin Tower.

kids aug 09

The best part of getting outdoors with the kids is the parental units get a chance to play. Here is Scott, Andie and Bridgette’s dad, pulling down on Bowling for Buicks. A thin and pumpy .12a.

scott bowling

Rick Ridgeway came by for a visit and we hauled out the carts we walked across Tibet with in 2002. Memories came flooding back!

Rick_shaw 09

Rick is working on the Freedom to Roam program. The goal is to preserve wildlife habitat & corridors so animals will be able to migrate. Well worth a look:.1992_baffin_016

Till we visit again,

Onward, Upward and Outward