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My friends at Timex have sent me a new training tool, the Trail Mate. What appears as an standard digital watch on a stylish band is really a finely tuned instrument to elevate one’s training to a new level. The Trail Mate allows one to track speed, distance and time with advanced accelerometer technology.

Starting with the basics… the Trail mate has the Indiglo night feature. Always handy in the middle of the night or in a subway that lost power in the middle of a tunnel. (Not that broken subways happen on a regular basis, just good to know we are prepared).

The watch is built upon the four toggle function that is cross platform for many of the Iron Man and Expedition series. Once the accelerometer to set to your height and weight you are set to track your distance travelled by monitoring the swing of your arms.  This data is then calculated to show how many steps one has hiked and, by extension, how many calories one has burned.

Being a bit of a gadget guy, I have had a bit of fun working though the various functions. I’ve used it running up hill, walking around town and ona couple of hard runs.

The watch is set to be relaesed on the 24th of June at a launch party at the Eastern Mountain Sports SoHo store. If you are in “The City” please join us for this special daye. I’ll have a slide show and tie it into the Outdoor Nation event the same weekend.

If you can’t make the opening, please look into the sweepstakes being held. If you win (and ya gotta play to win!) we’ll spend twep days climbing in New Hampshiore this coming 7 – 9 December.

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