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Category Archives: September 2009

Each summer the National Snow and Ice Data Center releases information on the minimum extent of the the Polar Ice Pack before it starts building back. The good news is that the 12th of September was the turning point for the ice sheet. It is growing back, reflecting sunlight back into the atmosphere and providing habitat for polar bears. The bad news is that it is the third smallest year (smallest ice pack was the summer of 2007) and the scientists that track this are predicting a continued recession of polar ice.



The ice is shrinking and it brings to mind challenges facing our generation. Whys is the ice melting as fast as it is? What will the future be like in terms of regional climate? Is our generation going to stand around with our hands in our pockets?

Climate change is serious. As an extremely intelligent species we have been able to create a life based on our ability to manipulate the earth’s environment for our own benefit. This is quite nice as it has allowed 6.7 billion of us to live on this small planet. This same intellect that has given us the quality of life we take for granted is capable of envisioning, inventing and designing solutions to improve our predicament. Changes in our lifestyle, large scale increases in efficiency and planning in a 200 year time frame are the first steps towards leaving our offspring a world as good as we inherited.

Check out Lots of good information!


Climate action day is 24 October. I’ll be in Breckenridge, CO for a slide show and am hoping for a day of nice climate awareness.

Life is nice here in the Gallatin Valley. Here Nancy and Jenni are celebrating laughter at the lake 🙂

fishing moma

The kids hiking…..


EV_invit v12

More on this in the next post…..