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Not that I’m a warrior in the combat type of sense, more of the sticking to it type of action.

First off – huge props to all the men and women who serve our country on this day. Veterans Day. You are huge in my book and I can not express the gratitude I have for your commitment and sacrifice. You are purveyors of peace and this is good. Thanks!

Since the 1st of October I have been to: SLC, UT; Boston, MA; Bozeman, MT; Los Angeles, CA; Oakland, CA; Cleveland, OH; Big Oak Flat, CA; Bozeman; Jackson, WY; Fort Collins, CO; Boulder, CO; Breckenridge, CO; Austin, TX; Santa Fe, NM; Denver; CO, Washington, DC; Seattle, WA; Banff, AB; Boston, MA; and tonight back in Seattle.

Lots of shows with The North Face speaker series, work with Nat Geo and the Young Explorer Grant program, Banff Mtn Film with Timex, Conservation Alliance work, met with the glaiciologists at the U of Washington and getting “The Wildest Dream” off to a good start. Great fun – but I do miss home! Jenni, the boys, the dogs, the birds, the fishies, the bunnies and the tarantula. I’ll be home on Friday night and look forward to a day inthe woods with the family. And special Sat night treat:

We’re gonna rent “Master and Commander” and clap on the halyards for good fun.


Wooo Hooo!


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