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Well not that you might find it here on the Return to the Outdoors blog, rather the internal question that most of us think about once a day.

Or maybe even more than that.

What gives my life meaning? Family – be it my parents, siblings, wife and children, they most meaningful part of my life. To be with them, to laugh with them, to comfort them and to accept them is what being human really means. As the boys gain knowledge about our planet and their existence and my parents adjust to bodies that have seen eight decades I realize that I am somewhere in the middle. To be this link bewteen three generations is pretty darn cool. It seems at times there is a bunch of responsibility. How not to let this responsibility eat away at life energy? Get outside. Breath the freah air, rolls around on my bike, stop and check out the wild flowers. Yup, these things bring meaning.

Last week I climbed El Capitan with Alex Honnold. At 23 he is half my age and twice the climber. Getting stronger each day he is. Where as the health & fitness tables say I’m loosing 15 % of my strength each year. Just say no! Do more pull ups, push ups and sit ups. They are called ups because they bring you up.
This is a good thing.

Sam & Max Dolomiti
Sam & max in the Dolomites

The family on the porch.



  1. Hey Conrad

    Finally making it over to London! Cannot make it to Cotswold on Thursday but are you in London long? WOuld love to pick your brains over your knowledge of Everest! Also let me know which is your colour of choice for the WS4?

    Great Blog.
    Regards, Matt

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the note. Sorry to have missed you in London. It was quite nice.

      Black is my favorite color watch, with white being a close second. White is quite stylish.

      Thanks and happy trails,


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