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Mother’s Day. Jenni and I are enroute home from the 5Point Film Festival in Carbondale, Colorado The Denver airport has the standard “hub hub” of a hub, yet there is an air of kindness that is, by my estimation, the overall feeling of goodwill that Mother’s Day generate.

Like you’d have to be a complete looser to bark at the ticket agent Mother’s Sunday.

Are we responsible for the well being of our planet and the humans & animals we share it with? This theme pervaded the weekend festivities. The work of ophthalmologist Geoff Tabin and his goal to eradicate cataract blindness in the developing world, Kevin Hand and the Cosmos Education program which brings science education to Africa, Mark Godley and the Big City Mountaineers – bringing outdoor skills to inner city youth, and Brad Ludden and the First Descent kayak team working with cancer patients and kayaking. The panel was lively and focused. The overarching sentiment was that as citizens of the US we have an obligation to help make our world a better place. The reason? We are 4 % of the world’s population living a lavish lifestyle. We consume 25 % of the planet’s resources. The world would implode if all 6.7 billion inhabitants lived at the level we do. Big houses, multiple automobiles and inter continental flights all lead to this.

jenni m day

Jenni and the basket Sam made for her. Nice loving son:)

big wave

The city of Glenwood Springs built an outdoor water park by moving the boulders around to create waves.


This fellow was riding a SURF BOARD! He was on the wave for many minutes. The cold water required wet suits.

ron hayden lynn

Rob Raker, Hayden Kennedy & Lynn Hill. We climbed in Rifle that day.


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