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Spring in the Rockies is a capricious thing – snow one day, rain the next and then vibrant life affirming sunshine every few hours. The grass sprouts, flowers poke their petals of attraction out for the bees and the birds announce sunrise with a symphony of cheer. Even Happy and Leroy, our trusty dogs know spring has turned the corner as they graze on the thick leaves of grass. Nepal Everest Mystery

Just a week ago I was in Malaysian Borneo in the state of Sabah, 6 degrees north of the equator. Today I’m half way to the North Pole at 45 degrees. What a change these 39 degrees of latitude makes. From the tropical rain and cloud forests of Kinabalu to the open plains and coniferous forests it is amazing a to see how much our planet changes. Temperature and precipitation are the two main agents of these different climates. After our climbing journey ( ~ eight action packed video dispatches) we spent a half-day swimming, snorkeling and lounging on the beach. The warm ocean was home to a variety of tropical fish and a few patches of coral. Perhaps the best part were the large lizards (monitor) that lounged about looking for scraps under the picnic tables.
To counter act jet lag, Jenni the boys and I ventured off to Bridger Bowl, our local ski area. The lifts have been dormant for three weeks, yet an abundance of snow allowed us to click into our randonee skis. After a nice hike uphill we were rewarded with a fun ski back down. This was a most nice way to start a Saturday.
While in Borneo a PBS / NOW documentary titled “On Thin Ice” aired on the 17th of April. With host David Brancaccio boojbhasa-in-the-rain
we investigate the shrinking glaciers on our planet. The loss of glaciers is the most obvious manifestation of a warmer planet. If you are so inclined you may watch the program via the PBS.ORG website. Look up NOW and “On Thin Ice”.

Let me know what you think….

Till the next installment ~ find happiness in all you do.


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