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A month on from last entry in the public diary of the 21st century, the blog has me wondering where the time went. Looking at my calendar I count the days with my family, the days at work and the days on the road. In this I look for balance.
On the 16th of February our family joined the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center for a fund raising event at Bridger Bowl, the local ski hill. The challenge is to hike the last 400 vertical feet to the top of ridge to raise money from pledges for avalanche education.

Isaac hiking...

Isaac hiking...

We’d hike up the boot pack, click in our skis, slide down Sluice Box (a ski run) and repeat the process. We had a ton of fun as we would catch up to each other on the way up or way down, encouraging each of us to try harder. By the end of the day, drenched in sweat and smiling, we joined other families at the base lodge for a cup of hot chocolate.

The following weekend I attended the annual meeting for the American Alpine Club in Golden, Colorado. It was my last board meeting after six years. The club celebrated Layton Kor, one of our pioneering climbers from the 50s and 60s. Tall and lanky, Layton is it the epitome of a “hard man” climber. He had the vision for clean lines and climbed them in style. Layton is my hero.

This last week I was in Japan for the “Ice Candy Climbing Competition” in the Yatsugatake Mountains of central Japan. The ice comp is on an ice encased scaffold tower.

The comp wall

The comp wall

From the novice to the expert over 40 climbers joined the fun. Many of the same competitors from the Japan Cup in 2007 (where I set the course) attended. It was nice to see the same climbers two years later.
After the weekend spent in the wonderful mountains I traveled to Tokyo for the release of the Timex WS 4 altimeter watch to the Japanese market. The wide screen visibility was a huge hit with the Japanese.
Back here in Montana winter has set in with a vengeance after six dry weeks. Our yard has a foot of snow, the temperatures are in the single digits and I am called by the ice climbs of Hyalite Canyon for a last dance with gravity before the waterfalls turn into our municipal water. Which I’ll go do as on the first of April I’m off to Borneo and Mount Kinabalu to visit the cloud forest and do a little climbing.
Till the next bat dispatch… grab the hold and don’t let go!


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