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This past weekend I was at the 14th annual Ouray Ice Festival. The small town host an annual ice meet – check out last year’s post – to which I attend. The goal is to have fun and share the stoke with fellow crazies.

The Friday was a huge snow day. One inch was predicted and it snowed non stop until 10 pm. This didn’t stop the climbers. Just go climbing. Feel the pull of gravity.ouray

On Friday I hosted a clinic. Two of my students, JJ and Darrel, are deaf. Karen, a friend of theirs came along as a translator. They were excited about ice climbing. My limited sign language increased by a few words. I asked if they can “hear” the ice, something that climbers need to do when testing placements. The vibration of the pick swing was their indication of a good stick.  Our biggest challenge was getting the “heads up” warning regarding loose and flying ice. The safest was to have a wide berth at the base. Avoid standing in the drop zone.


Darrell & JJ at the fire station.   Cool guys.

Off to Keene this weekend.

Have fun, be good and do the right thing.   ~c


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