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January 6, 2009.  Just saying the date is interesting. When I was a little shaver the year 2000 seemed like an eternity away. Now that we are 9/10ths of the way through the first decade of the 21st century it seems a bit… scary. I’m getting older (and hopefully a bit wiser in the process)  and see how the world has changed. Jenni and I have three sons- all of who are maturing in to a vastly different world than we experienced. Typewriters are in museums, circular dial wheels for phones show up in retro movies and text was a noun yet to be morphed into a verb. It was in my second year at the University of Utah that we would queue up at he computer lab, 5 inch floppies in hand to use the word processing on the large computers to type our reports. The Internet? Not in  my imagination.

Our boys track their friends on Facebook, text back and forth and “check in” via their on-line communities. Yes things are different. Do I expect them to live with the technology I had in those days? Obviously not.  I embrace technology. It is a good thing. We can communicate with  greater  ease to a wider audience. We share our thoughts. As we are right now.

With change there are somethings that stay the same. Like getting outdoors. Over the two week Christmas holiday our family made a point of enjoying the wilds on Montana together. Just heading up Hyalite Canyon, with the dogs in the mini van and a Thermos of hot chocolate it soul warming. The phones don’t work, there are no computers and we get back in touch with the wildness that makes us human. And for this… I am most thankful.

My goals for 2009:  quality time with my family, learning more about the earth we live on and getting after “Free Rider”, a route on El Capitan. Three things. Make them happen.

And for you?  After you read this take your self out side, open your heart to the horizon before you, yell at the top of your lungs why you like in life.  Make a goal. One that is a challenge, one that will test you. One that includes hardship. Stick to it.

I find after these hard, lofty challenging goals I am  much happier. And if the pursuit of happiness is what our short existence is all about… go out & find it.


Looking north from the summit ridge of Mt Gardner, Antarctica. Photo: December 1998

Shared the summit with Dave Hahn.


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