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Monthly Archives: November 2008

It is the 28th of November 2008 here in Bozeman, Montana. Yesterday was out traditional family Thanksgiving. Our son Max was up from college and we had our Sheridan, Wyoming relatives over.

Thursday was the second “Huffing for Stuffing” fun run. The 5 & 10 k races are a benefit for the Gallatin Valley Foodbank, kind of a way to burn off a little of the calories we were bound to ingest in a few hours and more over, a way to give back in the spirit of Thanksgiving. In it’s second year the race rocketed to Bozeman’s most popular race.  p1000764

This is the post race image. The family that runs together…  stays together.

October was a freakishly warm month for SW Montana. The airport reported that temperatures were 10.3 degree F above normal. Which of course affects ice climbing, one of my favorite activities. Normally we climb by the third week of October and we have a tradition of climbing on election day. Alas – none of this happened. Too warm! As humans we will be able to adapt our recreation to the various climatic considerations. Yer for the animals? We went up to our ice climbing area – Hyalite Canyon and were shocked to find hardly any ice had formed. We went dry tooling – using ice tools to climb on rock – at this cave. The super sick routes are still awaiting a free ascent. In fact some of the rock is a little loose. This is a block that would have been a mighty headache. Bingo World Cave

Yeah – that block is the size of a fridge and it is in motion.

Another cool community project we have going is the construction of our second artificial boulder here in Bozeman. These are concrete “rocks” that are located in public parks. Anyone can play on them – they are a ton of fun. Our hope is to introduce climbing to a broad range of people and eventually get them outdoors for a bit of tun.  Check out this link –

This is the final application of the concrete. TBoulderhe volunteers are sculpting the holds.

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